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To start, set the research funding to No Funding, because you get a lot of rides from the start. You should raise the price of each ride to about how much its excitement rating is (e.g. a roller coaster with a rating of 7.54 should cost $7.50). Consider replacing the Circus with a new one so the guests will pay more for it. To reduce nausea, set the Trebuchet Ride from Berserk mode to Beginner mode.

Make sure to close and/or demolish the Mini Golf course, as it will annoy your guests and waste your cash. If you want to keep it, shorten the queue to two tiles.

Build a roller coaster next, the $10.000 starting cash are not a loan, so don't worry about repaying anything. The excitement of that coaster should at least be 5.50. Follow it up with a Mace Ride and a Fighting Knights Dodgem Cars and you're good to go. This is one of the easiest scenarios in the game, especially since there is no time limit to reach your goal. If you are fast, you can win this scenario in just two months!

Note: Shops do not count towards ride income, so refrain from building too many as your guests will lose money for rides.