Path items are accessories placed on footpaths that provide comfort to your guests and beautify your park. Each type of item has a different effect. Path items are placed at sides of a path which are not connected to other paths, nor to ride entrances/exits or shops. Connecting a path will remove the path items on that side. Path items, except for fountains, cannot be placed on 4 way intersections. All path items (besides signs and jumping fountains) can be vandalized if a guest becomes angry. All path items (except signs and jumping fountains) are free to remove and do not provide a refund.

Types of items

RCT 1 Path Lamp 1
Cost: $4 RCT 1 Path Lamp 2
Cost: $5
The two types of lamps do not serve any vital purpose in RCT1 and RCT2 because there is no night feature, and are therefore considered purely decorative. In RCT3, lamps are required to light paths during nighttime.
RCT 1 Path Benches
Cost: $5
Benches allow guests to rest. Guests usually sit on benches when they are low on energy, are nauseated, or are consuming food or a drink. Placing too many benches can cause guests to delay fulfilling their bodily needs (food, drink, bathroom), causing them to have unhappy thoughts and lowering the park's rating. Benches cannot be placed at sloping paths or queue lines.
RCT 1 Path Litter Bins
Cost: $3
Litter bins allow guests to dispose of food waste and rubbish. These alleviate the litter problems in your park. They require frequent emptying by handymen/janitors after being used by a large number of guests. These cannot be placed on queue lines.
RCT 1 Path Jumping Fountains
Cost: $20
Jumping fountains launch water over the path in programmed patterns[1]. They are solely decorative. If many of them are placed adjacently, the guests will think: "These jumping fountains are great." Jumping fountains cannot be vandalized.
RCT 1 Path Banner Cost: $25 Banner signs display custom messages, broadcasting over the path. Banner signs cannot be vandalized like other path items. Custom messages have absolutely no effect on the guests whatsoever.

Banner signs also have a "no entry" function that prevents guests from passing under it (staff members, however, are not affected by this). They are used to seal off sections of the park the player does not wish to be overcrowded (ride exits) or to prevent the guests from getting lost.
Placing a no entry sign near the park entrance will prevent guests from leaving. This will help retain guests to meet the goal, but can also dramatically reduce the park's rating.

Themed Signs and Path Items


RCT 1 Egyptian Lamp
Cost: $6
RCT 1 Martian Lamp
Cost: $6
Egyptian Themeing Martian Themeing

Jumping Snowballs *

RCT 1 Snow and Ice Jumping Snowballs
Cost: $25
Snow and Ice Themeing

* Has the same features as the Jumping Fountains.

Banner Signs

RCT 1 Jungle Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Classical-Roman Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Egyptian Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Mine Banner
Cost: $30
Jungle Themeing Classical/Roman Themeing Egyptian Themeing Mine Themeing
RCT 1 Jurassic Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Pagoda Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Snow and Ice Banner
Cost: $30
RCT 1 Space Banner
Cost: $30
Jurassic Themeing Pagoda Themeing Snow and Ice Themeing Space Themeing


  1. RollerCoaster Tycoon's Amazing Jumping Fountains!