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This scenery can be found in RCT1 and RCT2:

Name Image Cost Size
Log Cabin Cabin $23 1x1
Snowman Snowman $12 1x1
Igloo Igloo $11 1x1
Ice Palace Icy Palace $165 2x2
Jumping Snowballs RCT 1 Snow and Ice Jumping Snowballs $25 Path Item
Caucasian Fir Icy Tree 1 $23 1x1
Red Fir (Snow Covered) Icy Tree 2 $27 1x1
Red Fir (Small - Snow Covered) Icy Tree 3 $18 1/4 Tile
Norway Spruce (Snow Covered) Icy Tree 4 $20 1x1
Snowball RCT 1 Snow and Ice Snowball $15 1x1
Snowflake (3 types) Snowflakes $10 1/4 Tile
Fence RCT 1 Fence Fence Winter $4 Tile edge
Wooden Fence RCT 1 Fence Wooden Fence Winter $4 Tile edge
Wooden Post Wall RCT 1 Fence Wooden Post Wall Winter $4 Tile edge
Banner Sign RCT 1 Snow and Ice Banner $30 Tile Edge
(Available without Snow/Ice Themeing in RCT2)
Icy Tile $13 Landscape
Icy Edges
(Available without Snow/Ice Themeing in RCT2)
Icy Walls $10 Landscape
Snow/Ice Style Ride Entrance and Exit RCT 1 Snow and Ice Ride Entrance and Exit N/A Ride Entrance/Exit


The Snowman costume, as well as the Snow Styled music and Ice Styled music come with the scenery when researched.

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