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Southern Sands RCT
At the start of the scenario, you want to focus on researching gentle and thrill rides. Place benches, gentle rides, and handymen around the two roller coasters, because they are very nauseating and guests are likely to vomit on the paths. The two roller coasters should attract some guests, so you want to start off with placing gentle and thrill rides. Later, you want to build a cheap type of roller coaster, like the Steel Mini Roller Coaster or the Wild Mouse type, and build expensive roller coasters, like the Mine Train, Wooden, or Steel Twister when you can afford it. Build rides and shops over time to satisfy the guests. You need to have a lot of rides with "very high" in excitement ratings to attract as many guests as possible. Advertise a lot, because getting 2,300 guests is not possible by reputation only.
Southern Sands

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