The Souvenir stall looks much like a beach shack. Its main product are cuddly toys, which do not serve any purpose whatsoever. Umbrellas can also be purchased here, as well as the Information Kiosk. The guests will buy them regardless of the price, especially during rain as they generally do not want to get wet.


  • The default price for the umbrellas is more expensive at the souvenir stall than the information kiosk so it's a good idea to either lower the Souvenir Stall's price or raise it at the Information Kiosk to even out the pricing.
  • Although the colour of the cuddly toys cannot be changed, the colour of the umbrellas can be customized, just as you can in the Information Kiosk.
  • In RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, it only sells postcards. Umbrellas can be bought either at Information Kiosks or Umbrella stalls.
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