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Each space ring consists of concentric steel rings pivoted to allow free rotation in all directions. The ride holds four people at a time.


Other Information

  • Watch out for that high nausea rating! Somehow this ride fell into the Gentle category, but it will still need benches and trash cans near its exit like Thrill rides do. Also, be careful to place it away from food and drink stalls to further cut down on the mess.
  • Don't make the queue line for this ride very long, because the ride time is quite long, and the max people on this ride is 4. If you do, guests will get angry from waiting so long.
  • Space Rings are very popular, and building one (or more, depending on the size of your park) as soon as it is researched is a good idea. They can be great money-makers over time.
  • Even though the Space Rings is a Gentle Ride, the Mace Ride is a Thrill Ride.
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