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Don't forget this is 'Spooky Theming', not 'Creepy Themeing'.

(They are probably the two most similar themes in the game.)

This is a list of all the scenery items under the group "Spooky Themeing".

Name Image Cost Size
Graveyard Monument Graveyard monument 1 $14 1x1
Graveyard Monument Graveyard monument 2 $9 ¼ tile
Graveyard Monument Graveyard monument 3 $8 ¼ tile
Dead Tree Dead tree 1 $10 1x1
Dead Tree Dead tree 2 $10 1x1
Dead Tree Dead tree 3 $10 1x1
Grave Stone Gravestone 1 $4 ¼ tile
Grave Stone Gravestone 2 $4 ¼ tile
Grave Stone Gravestone 3 $4 ¼ tile
Grave Stone Gravestone 4 $4 ¼ tile
Skeleton Skeleton $55 1x2
Skull $20 1x1
Rock Wall $12 Tile edge

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