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Sprightly Park - finished

Sprightly Park RCT

The first thing you should do is replace some of the rides in the park, it's easy to do with the flat rides, but not so much for the tracked rides (remember that you can't demolish Halitosis). Once you've done all that, start charging a fee for the rides or increase the entry fee to get some money rolling in. Also, start tossing out marketing campaigns to bring in extra money. This is key, since increasing the loan is a bad idea. Next, place a few food stalls, drink stalls, and bathrooms throughout the park as there's only one food stall and one bathroom (don't forget to build a few Information Kiosks as well). You should also remove the $0.10 fee for the pre-built bathrooms. Next, build some more trashcans and benches and hire some handymen. The four initial mechanics will usually be enough at first, just make sure their patrol routes include all rides. Whenever you have some money to spare, reduce your loan. Only save money if you want to build an expensive ride. Even if you won't be able to repay the whole loan, the more you repay, the less interest you have to pay each month. Don't forget to set your research funding to maximum ($400), and if you want additionally to the entry fee charge ride admission too, charge 0.10$ for gentle, 0.20$ for thrill, and 1.00$ for roller coasters.

Another problem is the lack of exciting rides. You only get 7 different roller coasters, 3 Thrill Rides and 3 Exciting Water Rides. Among them are the Wooden Side-Friction Roller Coaster, Wooden Reverser Roller Coaster, and Virginia Reel. It can be difficult to get a high excitement rating on these. If you are not good at designing your own, try to keep Shooting Starr and Halitosis reliable by setting a mechanics patrol route to include only one of these rides. A Wooden Twister Roller Coaster and Mine Train Roller Coaster will be expensive, so you might want to build them last, but with an excitement of at least 7.00 on one of them to attract a lot of guests.

You also don't have much space, as most of it is very hilly. Landscaping is expensive, as is new land. Try stacking rides on top of each other, especially roller coasters, to conserve space. In the end, 7 Roller Coasters (one of each), a Water Slide, and a Log Flume or River Ride should be enough to get 1,500 guests. Building more than one Go Kart track is advisable to compensate for the lack of Thrill Rides. Use advertisements if necessary, as it might get pretty close in the end.