The Swinging Inverter Ship is a thrill ride appearing in all three incarnations of RCT.


Large ship attached to an arm with a counterweight at the opposite end. Swings through a complete 360 degree circle.


Other Information

  • In RCT and RCT2 the station platform is only on one side of the ride, and the entrance and exit must be placed on this side, right next to each other. The actual ride only takes up two tiles, but four tile clearance is needed for the swinging of the ship.

In Real Life

The Swinging Inverter Ship is roughly based off of Ranger, manufactured by Huss. Ranger, however, has a much higher seating capacity, being able to hold up to 40 passengers per cycle.


  • See also: Pirate Ship
  • In Roller Coaster Tycoon, despite being called "Swinging Inverter Ship", when built, the ride is called "Swinging Ship" by default, like the swinging ship. This is later fixed in Roller Coaster Tycoons 2 & 3.
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