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The Money Pit
The Money Pit
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Game RollerCoaster Tycoon 3
Preceded by Mountain Rescue
Succeeded by Paradise Islands


Here's an amusement park that shows what happens when good coasters go bad. Can you turn a handyman's special into a moneymaking machine? With lots of TLC and attention to detail, you've got a shot, but use your resources wisely or you'll be the only one being taken for a ride.

This is the second to last scenario of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

Pre-built Rides

Bob's Bucking Broncos (Bucking Bull)

Buffalo Roundup (Buffalo Roundabout)

Calamity Mine (Mine Drop Ride)

Explosive Swinger (TNT Vortex)

Queen Anne's Revenge (Pirate Ship)

Saucy Sal's (Wild West Show)

Slippery Snake (Snake Helter-Skelter)

Sultans Magic Carpet (Flying Carpet)

Terror Spinner (Double Swinging Inverter)

The Avenger (Giga Roller Coaster)(Ride is incomplete)

TNT Barrel (Rotovator)

Wagon Wheel (Western Wheel)

Shops/Stalls Pre-built

Golden Nugget Candy 01 (Golden Nugget Candy)

Root Beer 01 (Root Beer)

Sherriff Balloons 01 (Sherriff Balloons)

Western Hats 01 (Western Hats)


Apprentice: VIP (Joe Sluggerball). Arrives 21 June. Litter tolerance: High 

Total monthly ride income: $200.00 Sustained for at least 1 month.

Entrepreneur: VIP (Joe Sluggerball). Arrives 18 March. Litter tolerance: Medium 

Total monthly ride income: $600.00 Sustained for at least 2 months.

Tycoon: VIP (Joe Sluggerball). Arrives 6 April. Litter tolerance: Low

Total monthly ride income: $1000.00 Condition can be achieved at any time.

Scenario Guide

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  • This may or may not work for everyone.
  • Read the General Scenario Guide for further tips.
  • There are multiple strategies to successfully completing any scenario.
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Despite the condition of the park, DO NOT delete all the rides. This is because all that down time has given them surprisingly high reliability. Terror Spinner and Wagon Wheel are the exceptions to this. As for the Avenger, you have two options: Complete the ride or demolish it. Either one works, but if you choose to complete the ride, replace the brakes towards the end with block brakes so you can run two trains at once. Then hire four mechanics and assign two to the adventure side of the park and two to the western side and the rides should get up and running fairly quickly. Then hire 4-6 janitors. Trust me this isn't enough janitors to clean the entire park, but you don't need to do that anyway. Instead, just spend time deleting paths, one square at a time and replacing them with a new square. You can even change the type of path if you want. This will have you set for the VIP all the way through tycoon level. After that just spend time building rides and you should be good. Also, build the second coaster on the western side of the park because if one side has more coasters than the other the side with fewer coasters tends to lose a lot of popularity.

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