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If you have only previously played through the original RCT scenarios, you may be intimidated by the high guest requirement of this park. However, you have three large, well built coasters and a lot of space to expand. Thus, although it may seem intimidating at first glance, you should find your goal quite easy to reach.


First, pause the game and adjust your research priorities. Set funding to maximum and priorities to shops and stalls, as you have no food stalls available at the start. If you are not going to charge a gate fee, increase the admission fees of your coasters to at least $5.00. Now, unpause the game and build several Information Kiosks. Build what flat rides you have available, and add "no entry" signs to any dead end or disused paths to keep guests from getting lost.

Once you have researched the Hot Dog Stall and Fries Stall, set your research priorities to roller coasters, thrill rides, or gentle rides as you wish. You may have noticed by now that the trains of the three coasters already in the park arrive at their stations at speeds higher than 30 MPH (48 km/h). This, of course, means they are at risk of crashing in the event of a brakes failure. You can fix this rather easily for all three coasters, and you should do so now as follows:

  • Reduce the train length of Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil to 6 cars each. This should be sufficient.
  • Do the same as above for See No Evil, but also remove the final hill since the shortened trains will not carry enough momentum to clear it.
  • Since the rides are closed at this point, anyway, you should add photo sections to all of them to increase their profitability.

With that done, you can now carry on building throughout your park.

The guests who visit this park carry about $60 each. To keep them from leaving too soon, maintain a range of attractions and keep your food and drink prices low (i.e. at or near default values). Toward the end of the scenario, you may wish to make some of your less exciting rides like the Crooked House free to keep guests happy even after they have spent most or all of their money. You can always advertise if you need more guests, but you should not need to at this park if you manage it well.

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