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Thunder Rocks RCT

If you don't plan on using the second rock, remove the station of the transport coaster there. If you do, connect the rocks with a bridge so that guests who don't want to re-ride the coaster aren't stuck on the other side.  Adding a second Chairlift is also an option, since it will keep guests from getting tired from walking between the rocks and net some additional income. This scenario is doable either way, depending on how tight you want to build.

Remember to use all the space at, around, and in the rock. Launched rides help in conserving space. Having your rides interfere and go underground increases their ratings as well.

Be sure to place enough benches! Some guests don't want to ride the Chairlift and will be very tired after climbing the rock. The Chairlift runs very slowly, so it's better to increase its speed to reduce waiting times.

Since you start with a decent roller coaster which brings some cash in, this scenario shouldn't be that hard.