Toilets in RCT3

Toilets are sanitation devices designed to store human waste, housed within a building for privacy. In RollerCoaster Tycoon, guests have a bathroom rating that slowly increases over time as they spend more time in your park. This rating also increases at a faster rate if the guest is eating or drinking. When a guest's bathroom rating reaches a certain amount, they will start thinking about going to the toilet, and will eventually head towards the nearest toilets if there are any built in your park. Guests who have their bathroom rating nearly full will start moving around the park with their hands clutching their groin. When a guest enters a toilets, they will stay in there until their bathroom rating is fully depleted before leaving the toilets; the depletion of their bathroom rating often corresponds to a considerable increase in their happiness rating.

By default, toilets are built with free admission. However, the player can increase the admission price of any toilets in their park up to a maximum of $20.00.

In RCT1, RCT2 and RCTC, a park can receive a "Best Bathroom Facilities" award if there are many toilets built around the park.


  • In the US version of RCT1, it is called a Bathroom, while the US version of RCT2 calls it a Restroom.
  • There is also a log cabin-shaped version in RCT2, which appears separately in the build menu.
  • When "See through Rides" is enabled, the guests in your toilets can be seen standing at the same spot in the middle of the building doing nothing. The First Aid Room shares this quirk.
  • This facility looks completely different in RCT3, where it takes the form of 4 toilet cubicles instead of a toilet building. It is also accessible through all 4 sides in RCT3, as opposed to only the front in RCT1 and RCT2.
  • Income from bathroom fees is counted as "ride tickets" in the financial summary page, but this is changed to "other costs" in RCT3, and operating costs are moved there as well.
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