Track is a flat-bottomed wooden trough. The cars are guided along the track by the sides of the trough, spinning as they touch the sides.

Special Track ElementsEdit

None noted


  • Maximum Track Slope - 25°
  • Maximum Lift Hill Slope - 25°
  • Maximum Height - 59 Feet


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Virginia Reel
(Virginia Reel)
Added Attractions

Operating ModesEdit

  • Continuous circuit mode

Pre-built designsEdit

RollerCoaster TycoonEdit

Build menu onlyEdit
  • Virginia Reel 1
  • Virginia Reel 2
  • Virginia Reel 3

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2Edit

Build menu onlyEdit
  • Crazy Knights
  • Texas Tubs
  • Wheely Reel

Other InformationEdit

  • Design the track layout with as many corners as possible to keep the circular cars spinning.
  • The Virginia Reel is the only coaster that has its default name as its true name {"Virgina Reel (#)"}, unlike other coasters {"Roller Coaster (#)"}
  • Although the Virginia Reel is in fact a side-friction roller coaster, the cars will not fly off the track in any way.


In Real LifeEdit

Multiple Virginia Reel roller coasters have been built in real life.Today there is still one in operation called Tyrolean Tubtwist at Joyland Amusement Park in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England, UK which opened in 1950.[reference needed]

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