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1. Finish the Wooden Roller Coaster. This should be the easiest one since most of it is already built.

2. Create some stalls and wait for the funds to grow.

3. Build the Suspended Looping Coaster. One option is to finish the drop out of the station and made a diagonal lift hill along the border of the park. Add a few special track pieces and continue the track back to the station. Another option is to use the 'reversed-Incline launched shuttle mode'. Just finish the the track with another corkscrew and half loop and let the track go up a steep hill towards the station. At the rear-end of the track, build a short cable lift hill. This is very cheap way to finish this coaster. Now the two coasters should be generating a relatively stable profit.

4. Add a few flat rides and build a large plaza area with lots of shops and stalls.

5. Finish the Steel Roller Coaster. It can be built almost completely underground. After this point, the money should start rolling in.

6. The fourth coaster to built is the Suspended Roller Coaster. This may be the hardest because of the lack of banked curves and subsequent high lateral G's. In addition, this roller coaster does not make as much money because it is on the top of the mountain. To solve this problem, add some stalls there.

7. Lastly, make the Steel Wild Mouse Roller Coaster. While this is a good roller coaster to build last because it is sharp curves and steep drops can squeeze in crowded spaces, this one should be built earlier if you want to build cheaper roller coasters first.