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Wacky Warren RCT
Wacky Warren RCT 2

The park looks rather confusing at first with most of the paths being underground. The paths can be addressed in two different ways: leave them, or move them above the ground. Before you act, leaving the paths below ground allows you to build rides with less interference and you won't need to delete the paths later if something like that happens.

Set the prices of your rides equal or almost equal to the ride's excitement rating. Let's say the ride has a 4.59 excitement rating, then charge $4.50 for the ride. This limit sets you up for a "Best Value Award", which will attract even more guests.

You should take your time with expanding the park, moving from the front of the park into the back as you expand. Build a large variety of rides (you will still be researching things even into Year 8!) as all of the rides still contribute towards your ride ticket profits. You should build 1 or 2 coasters a year when you get the money, keep them small to medium sized, and don't be afraid to have the coasters intertwine with each other or other rides. This will really build excitement and attract more guests. Use small roller coasters like the Steel Corkscrew #3809 (must be researched) to gain money quicker, and build Observation Towers for the guests who prefer gentler rides.

Wacky Warren

Scenario finished by RollercoastertycoonX.

By slowly expanding the park in all aspects, building a variety of popular rides, and keeping the guests happy, you will succeed in this objective. Take your time, this can be a long haul objective. Previous experiences with Vertigo Views and other similar scenarios WILL HELP!