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Whispering Cliffs RCT

Since there's only a limited amount of space available in Whispering Cliffs, it's advised to concentrate on the smaller rides, like the thrill and gentle rides. It doesn't really matter where you place your rides, but don't forget to block off the path to the side where there aren't any rides, simply because people will wander there for ages.


Whispering Cliffs - finished

Think twice when you want to place a ride somewhere; there is a very limited amount of usable tiles on this map. Just make sure that there's a wide variation of gentle/thrill rides, and this map shouldn't be too hard. Note that the park also consists of parts of a sea which covers the whole shoreline and which are 4 or 5 tiles thick. Raising this land will give you some extra building space.

The stations of your roller coasters and other tracked rides should be built on the edge of the cliff, so they don't fill up important space. Build them underground; the cliff walls are perfect for that. This will not only save you space, but also increase the ride's excitement rating and attract guests when it is raining. If you really want to, you can build a path down to the water and build there without raising the land, though it should not be necessary.