The Wooden Roller Coaster is a roller coaster.


Track is laminated wood, topped with a flat steel running rail, constructed on a wooden support structure. Trains are held on the track by up-stop wheels, which run under the inside edge of the rails.

Special Track Elements


  • Maximum banked curve angle - 30°
  • Maximum Track Slope - 60°
  • Maximum Lift Hill Slope - 25°
  • Maximum Height - 105 Feet (RCT1); 200 Feet (RCT2)


RCT2 Icon
Wooden Roller Coaster RCT2 Icon

Wooden Roller Coaster
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

Custom Icon
Wooden Roller Coaster (reversed) Custom Icon

Wooden Roller Coaster (reversed)
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 1

RCT2 Icon
Wooden Roller Coaster (6 seater) RCT2 Icon

Wooden Roller Coaster (6 seater)
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

RCT2 Icon
Wooden Roller Coaster (6 seater, Reversed) RCT2 Icon

Wooden Roller Coaster (6 seater, Reversed)
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

RCT2 Icon
Mine Cart Ride RCT2 Icon

Mine Cart Ride
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
Wacky Worlds

RCT2 Icon
Stage Coach Rollercoaster RCT2 Icon

Stage Coach Rollercoaster
(Wooden Roller Coaster)
Wacky Worlds

Downloadable Vehicles

Operating Modes

  • Continuous circuit mode
  • Continuous circuit block sectioned mode (RCT2 onwards)
  • Reverse-incline launched shuttle mode (OpenRCT2 only)

Scenario appearances

RollerCoaster Tycoon


A * sign means the name is different in the US and EU versions,

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3


Pre-built designs

  • Black Widow (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Brainstorm (RCT2)
  • Buffalo (RCT3)
  • Colossus (Track 1) (RCT2)
  • Colossus (Track 2) (RCT2)
  • Driftwood (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Firetrap (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Glowing Embers (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Great White Wail (RCT2, RCT 3)
    • In the UK version, this is called 'Goofball City'.
  • Hardwood (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Judge Roy Scream (RCT2)
  • Little Beast (RCT3)
  • Loup-Garou (RCT2)
  • Microfobia (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Mischief (RCT1)
  • Psyclone (RCT2)
  • Ricochet (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Robin Hood (RCT2)
  • Rolling Thunder (Track 1) (RCT2)
  • Rolling Thunder (Track 2) (RCT2)
  • Roughrider (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Sawdust (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Shimmy (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Splinter (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Texas Giant (RCT2)
  • Tinder (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Touchwood (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Ugly Twisters (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Whiteout (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Whitewash (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Woodchip (RCT1, RCT2)
  • Woodwind (RCT2)
  • Woodworm (RCT2, RCT3)
  • Zipper (RCT3)

In Real Life

Coming to prevalence in the mid 20th century, this type of roller coaster outdated the Side-Friction Coaster, and the invention of up-stop wheels revolutionized this type of ride.

While the track style of the Wooden Roller Coaster doesn't replicate a specific model, the various trains appear to replicate those of famous manufacturers. The standard and 6-seater trains take on the appearance of classic Philadelphia Toboggan Company trains [1], while the articulated trains are reminiscent of Great Coaster International Millennium Flyer trains [2].

The Vertical Loop element is found in all three Tycoon games, however only one modern wooden roller coaster has ever featured a vertical loop; Son of Beast at Kings Island. This loop was later removed to allow lighter trains to be used on the ride.



  1. In-game files for the standard and 6-seater trains are titled "PTCT1" and "PTCT2", respectively.
  2. [1][2]
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